Culinary tour : Lombok

If you ask Javanese people what is the java language of chilli, the anwer must be Lombok. Is that why the food here taste spicy? Spent 4 days in Lombok, I’m looking reference in google “delicious food in Lombok” and let’s start the culinary tour!


It’s not valid if you come to Lombok but haven’t eat ayam taliwang, the sentence is right! Many restaurant here sell ayam taliwang but why I choose RM Kania? The answer because the position near to my hotel. I stayed in Airy Rooms Maktal 8, near to Mataram Mall. I’m order rice, ayam taliwang, and sambel plecing kangkung.

After the food coming the first time I think “the chicken is big usually the portion of ayam taliwang is small, can I eat all of the chicken?”, but I fell so hungry let’s just eat. Sambel plecing kangkung is the champion, it’s spicy eventhough I order the medium level.

Overall after finished eat, I feel not in vain for walking to this restaurant from hotel around 15 minutes. The score for this food is 9 from 10. Kalo kata Pak Bondan mah maknyus! And one thing I like the price is not expensive, for a portion ayam taliwang only 45.000 (September 2016). Eat for 2 persons only 120.000. Worth it to try!



On the advice from our guide also our driver, he bring us to sate rembiga restaurant at Jalan Dakota. There are many restaurant here and we eat in the hut. I’m order rice and sate rembiga, also sop balungan for eat together.

My first impression when the food come “whaaat the portion is so small”. But it taste delicious, the taste same like sate maranggi because both made from beef, but it taste a bit spicy. For sop balungan taste like rib soup.

So for this food I give score 8 from 10, if the size of sate is bigger I will definitely give higher score. My advice if you want eat don’t in very-very hungry position, or better you order 2 portions. If i’m not mistaken, price for a portion sate rembiga is 20.000 or 25.000 and sop balungan is 35.000.



Just landed in Lombok International Airport? Don’t be hurry to go to Mataram city or Senggigi. Not far from airport complex there is RM Cahaya that sell nasi balap puyung. What is that?

In my opinion nasi balap pulung is like mixed rice, there are fried chicken small portion, sauteed green beans, and sliced fried potato. When I came, the place is crowd and mostly is local came here.

The score for this food is 7 from 10. But for the price is quite cheap, it’s only 15.000 or 20.000 for a portion of nasi balap puyung. It’s suitable to fill your stomach after arrive in Lombok.

Do you choose Pink Beach 1 or 2?

What is the difference Pink Beach 1 and 2, I will explain the details on this post. To be honest I just know about it from the guide. 


Arrived in Pink Beach the first time i did touched the sand, and yes it looks pink! Actually the pink color get from red sand of corals shard. And the texture is a bit rough.

After we had lunch in hut near the beach, then time to exploring.

We can play kayak in there, only rent for 25.000 rupiah as long as you want.

This is the view from the hill, it’s worth it to hike here eventhough so windy and hot.



The position of Pink Beach 2 only takes 10 minutes from the first beach. And after we arrived I fell so in love! The sand is so soft, even you can laying down on it.

The wave is so calm, it feels like your private beach. So I’m enjoying to swim there. Unfortunately when I came there i didn’t bring my snorkel, info from the guide there is good snorkeling spot not far from the beach.

So if you want to look for a holiday place that is not mainstream, it’s a must to came here!

Lombok is not only Gili islands

Who said Lombok only famous with the gili? Because gili trawangan is full already with ‘bule’, so I prefer to look more quite places. One of them is PINK BEACH!

The location is far away from Mataram city, it takes 2-3 hours depends on the driver. From the map below, you can see if the location is far from the city.

By the way when I visit Lombok I’m on open trip with Fun Adventure. But this is the first time i took open trip with only 4 persons, me and my bestfriend and 2 people we meet there and they’re from Jakarta also.

After 2,5 hours, finally we are arrive in Pantai Tangsi. But we have to cross the sea to Pink Beach, and need around half an hour to reach it. Accompanied by a local guide and a fisherman.

But before we are going to Pink Beach, we just stop by in Pulau Pasir. So it’s like a little island that appear if the water recede. And there is Indonesia red-white flag on it. Time to take pictures!

The background is Mount Rinjani!

After take some pictures we are continue to the next destination, Pink Beach! The guide said that we will visit Pink Beach 1, then go to Pink Beach 2. What is the different? I’ll explain on next post, keep enjoying 🙂

Fall in love with Lombok

Everyone who come to Indonesia, always know that Bali is favorite place for holiday. But i think it’s too mainstream. Why? Because Bali is too crowded for me and i can meet traffic in touristic spots like Legian and Kuta.

Have you heard about Lombok? If you looking for peaceful place to release your stress from daily activities, please come to this destination!



It takes only 30-40 mins flight from Bali, or 4 hours by ferry from Padangbai to Lembar.

What’s famous in Lombok? Of course the gili islands, there are 3 islands : gili air, gili meno, and the famous one gili trawangan. If you come to gili trawangan, the local feels like foreigner, because this place full of ‘bule’.

If you want to visit quiet places, i suggest to visit Kuta beach this is not Kuta Bali. There are others nice beaches nearest like Mawun, Selong Belanak and Tanjung Aan. My favorite is Mawun beach because the wave is calm and nice for swimming. But if you looking for surfing spot, i suggest to come to Selong Belanak.

Left : Kuta Beach. Right : Selong Belanak.

Curious for other places to visit in Lombok? I will give detail in others post. Keep enjoying! 🙂

P.S. If you have any questions about Lombok trip, don’t hesitate to ask me. I will answer if i know.