Amazing Race in Melaka

No, I didn’t take part in Amazing Race show but my experience exploring Melaka feels like it. My friends and I had plan to visit Malaysia for 3 days on December 2016, so I suggest them to have a day trip to Melaka. I feel so excited because this is my first time going to Melaka, and being a guide for two of my friends who is the first time travel abroad 😂

Read some blogs on internet before traveling is a must! They said better book a bus ticket if you want to go to Melaka on weekend, well noted! We booked online return trip bus KL – Melaka from We choose KKKL Express bus, the price is RM 14.40 so for return trip is RM 28.80.

After bus ticket booked, then we were prepare the itinerary. Which places we want to visit in Melaka. The Stadthuys, Menara Taming Sari, Dataran Merdeka and Jonker street are on our list. Even we also put river cruise trip on it. Ohh so excited!

The day is coming, 11 Dec 2016! Its a sunny sunday in KL. We were going to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan with LRT. This is the biggest terminal because it’s not only bus terminal but also have LRT, KTM and ERL station.


10:00 am. Since we already booked the ticket, we were just show the e-ticket and get the boarding pass on the counter. Then waiting on the bus platform. Melaka, here we come!

12:00 pm. The journey to Melaka takes 1,5 – 2 hours. After a looong way, finally we arrived in Melaka Sentral! A bit confused where is the bus platform to the city. Until I realized that we have walking to other terminal that have bus to Melaka city. Bus number is 17, and the platform is already full of people. Waiting for almost 1 hour but the bus not coming yet.

1:00 pm. So, I think better to use grab apps to get car to the city. Just booked the car, suddenly the bus coming! Sorry grab, I have to cancel it 😐

We have to pay ticket to the driver first, only RM 1,5 then get inside the bus. It’s so full! I know mostly of them are tourist like us. Actually the trip to city only takes 15 mins, but because very-bad traffic we were stucked. And also it’s raining, well I have umbrella in my bag but my friends didn’t bring it. 1 hour passed but we still not arrive in the city. I checked maps on my phone, why the position is far from the city. Until a local old man started to yelling “this driver is stupid, the trip should be to city but why he change the trip!”.

Damn I get it! The trip should be Melaka Sentral – Melaka city – Ujong Pasir, but he changed it to Ujong Pasir first because the traffic is really bad to the city. Oh nooo, it’s far and raining and I don’t know what should do. I told my friends to keep calm until I know where we have to stop, I keep checking maps. Then I saw Mahkota Parade mall on maps, we have to stop here! It’s not only us who stop here, but almost all of people in the bus.

3:00 pm. We had our late lunch, but when we want to go outside the rain is more heavy. Okay, we have to buy another umbrella because I only have one and it’s not enough for three of us. After bought it, we were going to Menara Taming Sari because the place is near from the mall. The ticket is RM 23, from the top I can see where places we want to visit next! 😂

From here we can also see how bad the traffic in Melaka city!

Finally rain is stopped and we were ready to explore more. Next place is the red buildings! Only walking for 10 mins from Taming Sari.

6:00 pm. Time passed too fast! And we see the bus no 17. Do we want to go to Jonker street or back to Melaka Sentral? Because our bus to KL at 8:30 pm. My friend suggest to skip the Jonker street 😢

Okay we stop the bus and pay the ticket to the driver. And you know what, this is the same driver with the same bus!! Oh god, why I have to meet him again? I don’t know it’s because I hate the driver, but I feel he drive so slowly. Of course we are going to Ujong Pasir, again. We still meet traffic in some spots. I keep checking the maps, I don’t want to get lost again!

7:30 pm. It’s dark already outside the window, but I can still remember some restaurants that we passed before. Until I realized this bus passing the famous Jonker street, OH MY GOD!! If I know this bus will pass it, maybe I better choose to explore Jonker street and take another bus. But sometimes your plan didn’t works well as you wish.

8:15 pm. After a long way and very slowly, finally this bus arrived in Melaka Sentral. We were ran to other terminal that have bus to KL and found our bus. It really feels like when the Amazing Race players meet Allan Wu in finish stop! 😩

8:40 pm. The bus started to left Melaka Sentral. The bus is sooo empty, I think it’s only me and two of my friends, also 4 other people. I’m sure it should be more than 7 people but maybe they are still stuck in the city.

GOODBYE MELAKA! I’m sure I will back again, but maybe not in public holiday. P.S. 11 Dec 2016 is The prophet Muhammad’s birthday which is a public holiday in Malaysia. And I think it’s full because many locals also travel there, not only the tourists.

What I learn from this trip are :

  1. Think twice if you want to traveling on weekend or public holiday, it could be a very-crowd place! 
  2. Be patient if you get lost, don’t panic! You can use google maps or asking people around.
  3. Sometimes reality is not same with your expectation, don’t be sad about it.
  4. Don’t force to visit many places if you have a little time. 
  5. Just enjoy the trip without complaining.

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