Lombok is not only Gili islands

Who said Lombok only famous with the gili? Because gili trawangan is full already with ‘bule’, so I prefer to look more quite places. One of them is PINK BEACH!

The location is far away from Mataram city, it takes 2-3 hours depends on the driver. From the map below, you can see if the location is far from the city.

By the way when I visit Lombok I’m on open trip with Fun Adventure. But this is the first time i took open trip with only 4 persons, me and my bestfriend and 2 people we meet there and they’re from Jakarta also.

After 2,5 hours, finally we are arrive in Pantai Tangsi. But we have to cross the sea to Pink Beach, and need around half an hour to reach it. Accompanied by a local guide and a fisherman.

But before we are going to Pink Beach, we just stop by in Pulau Pasir. So it’s like a little island that appear if the water recede. And there is Indonesia red-white flag on it. Time to take pictures!

The background is Mount Rinjani!

After take some pictures we are continue to the next destination, Pink Beach! The guide said that we will visit Pink Beach 1, then go to Pink Beach 2. What is the different? I’ll explain on next post, keep enjoying 🙂

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